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Since our founding in 2003, Family Legacy has been dedicated to one goal: transforming Zambia on child at a time. Today thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children’s lives have been transformed from darkness into enlightenment through the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the compassionate hears of Americans sponsoring almost 15,000 children attending Legaacy Academy Christian schools. Among these, more than 700 of the most valuable children live in full-time care at the Tree of Life Children’s Village.

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My first asignment with Family Legacy was to produce print and installations for Galas to be held in Houston and Dallas. These included an interactive street scene to contrast what orphans saw on a daily basis versus the sanctuary of going to school in a Legacy Academy. The main event was an interview with President and Mrs. George Bush. 

Gala Book 180 Pages

Gala Program

Presidential Book 104 Pages

Designed a leather-bound book filled with letters from orphans, affected by AIDS thanking President Bush for all his work helping with the AIDS relief in Africa. The book is at the Presidential Library.

Rebranding Family Legacy 

The rebranding of Family Legacy was needing to expand the brand of Family Legacy into a premier child sponsorship program. The CEO wanted the Zambian orphan to expand beyond it small church look and feel to become a charity that attracted large donors and foundation support. With a focus on education and transforming a nation one child at a time; this charity is growing quickly.

The Color of Life

Family Legacy’s new corporate color is bright and electric green. Not only is this the offical green of the flag of Zambia, it is also the dynamic color of life, growth, and vitality. Bringing God’s mission of life where there had been death is the reason we do what we do.

As part of the rebrand we wanted to match the office to the new branding.

As part of the rebrand we wanted to match the villas in Zambia, where the Americans stay, to the new branding.


Four outdoor posters for outdoor spaces in Zambia to raise awareness for Family Legacy in the community.

Magazine Cover and Ads

Cover design for the Family Legacy magazine and two ads for charitable magazines


Emails are an important way to keep in contact with orphans, sponsors and supporters of Family Legacy.


The Ambassodor kit helps Americans returning from Zambia to get their orphans from camp life sponsored. Included in the kit are six large brochures, 12 small brocures, reorder card and envelope, and a flash drive with videos and a PowerPoint presentation to help present to groups.



Varilux Lenticular Postcard

Family Legacy

Small Brochure


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