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Essilor is an international French company operating in over 100 countries and the worlds largest manufacturer of corrective lenses. For over a decade I have enjoyed working with its marketing teams to build brand awarness for one of the worlds truly great brands.

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Stand Alone Projects

Varilux Introduction to Eyecare Professionals

Varilux S Series product introduction to eyecare professionals with print information and online voucher redemption with follow up lens survey.

Varilux Loyalty Outreach to Eyecare Professionals

Varilux voucher program to target two groups of eyecare professionals to receive either a free pair of Varilux Comfort W2+ or Varilux Physio W3+ lenses. Projects included a self mailer with availablilty chart, emails to sign up for vouchers and lens survey for after the eyecare profesionals has received their new lenses.

Varilux Rewards Program to Eyecare Professionals 

Varilux S series eyecare professional reward program with print information and online prizes. We identified three groups for outreach, Loyalists (already dispensing lots of Varilux S series) targeted for grand prize and offered training; Dablers (dispense some but not enough Varilux S series) targeted for training and free lenses; White Spacers ( by all measures should be dispensing Varilux S series, but are not) targeted for training and free lenses.



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